Health Care Costs 1960-2012 Who Pays – Interactive
Health Care Spending
Pie Chart – Spending by Catagory
25 most common charges from California Hospitals
25 Most Common Hospital Charges
Kaiser Family Foundation Logo
Kaiser Foundation – Main Website
Health Care Costs - Graphic
Dollar Bill – How much goes to Health Care
Blue Shield Seminar on Health Care Costs
Bed Cost 2009
Blue Cross Report - Rising Costs
Blue Cross Flyer 5.2010
Trends in Health Care 2008
Trends in Health Care 2008


Links to Research, Explanations and Reference Materials on Health Care Costs 101 

Calif. Health Care Foundation MAIN PAGE Health Care Costs 101

Hospitals must post charges online starting 1.1.2019

Health Care Costs 101 – 7.2014 42 pages CHFC

Health Care Costs 101 chcf.org/  5.2011 32 Pages

Heath Care Costs 1960-2012 – Interactive – Who Pays and Total Amounts

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Blue Cross – Anthem 2011 Flyer

ahip believes.com (archive)

Sample Charges Kaiser Permanente

25 Most Common Charges from CA Hospitals Mandated under AB 1045 & AB1627

Trends in Health Care Costs (UHP – 2008)

Kaiser Family Foundation – Tons of Information

Blue Shield’s Make Coverage Affordable Website

blue shield ca.com 5 pages – working toward affordable health care 2009

Blue Shield – Understanding Cost of Health Care Flyer

Blue Cross  2010 Medical Cost Trends 4 pages

Samples of Accidents covered by medical insurance

   Resources to find out the costs of Medical Services


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