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It appears these plans are no longer allowed to be sold, as they do not meet the Essential Benefits Requirements of PPACA.    

They might come back under a 7.5.2016  new court ruling! 8 page pdf

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What are the Ethics of supplemental policies – confusion with Obamacare compliant policies.

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The benefits are scheduled, rather than Usual Reasonable & Customary or Negotiated Fee.  They do not provide Credible Coverage Definition.

These plans are for people that do not qualify for:

Employer Group Plans or
Standard individual plans.

4.3.2013 Time Article on limitations of “discount” insurance


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Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Pre Existing Conditions

Hospital Fair Pricing Act
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Research on Costs of Medical Procedures

Benefits are scheduled, not all inclusive.
LA Times Article on a competitors lawsuit



Get Med 360
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Probably including all these illnesses

Limited Benefit Medical Plan

Pre Existing Conditions covered after 12 months1

  1. Limited Medical Indemnity Benefits1
    included in these plans provide a basic level benefit for individuals (and families) that do not have access to traditional coverage. Limited Medical Indemnity Benefits are not to be confused with major medical insurance and they are not meant to replace major medical plans.

    • Doctor Office Visits1

    • Wellness Visits1

    • Hospital Confinement Benefit1

    • Diagnostic, X-Ray, Laboratory Benefit1

    • Ambulance Benefit1

    • Surgical & Anesthesia Benefits1

1… Maternity is not covered, and there is a 30 day waiting period for sickness. 12/12 Pre-Existing Condition Limitations apply to Hospital Confinement Benefit, Surgery and Anesthesia related to Surgery, Maternity is not covered, and there is a 30 day waiting period for


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