The California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act
(CA Civil Code §56 et seq) 

understands  that Private Information about your health and healthcare is perhaps the most sensitive and personal kind of information collected.  California  State & Federal HIPAA  laws give us many rights to limit those who see our medical records.

Businesses are forbidden from trying to obtain medical information directly from an individual for direct marketing purposes without clearly and conspicuously disclosing how it will use and share that information, and without obtaining the consumer’s consent. (SB 1633 Civil Code    §1798.91)


Covered CA Privacy Course
Covered CA Privacy Course
Private Entity Chart
Flow Chart – Private Entity
Safeguarding Taxpayer Data - A guide for your business
Safeguarding Taxpayer Data – A guide for your business


Summary of HIPAA Privacy Rule
HIPAA Summary

Consumer Links

California Patients Guide

California State Office of Privacy Protection Website

CA Office of HIPAA Implementation

CA Healthcare Foundation  15 Page Pdf Rights & Requirements

Federal HIPAA 

§56 – §56.37

Technical & Research Links

Use of Social Security Number §1798.85
California Senate Bill 168
Health Net’s FAQ’s

Family Law Code §3751.5 Right of Other Parent to Obtain Medical Information

Covered CA Agent Agreement Exhibit # D on Privacy & Security


Insurance Information and Privacy Protection Act §791-791.27

California Code of Regulations Section §2689.1 et seq.

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