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Affordable Care Act – California

CA Health Care Foundation – ACA 411 Tracking Health Care Reform in CA

What Californian’s should know.

UHC Resource Center

Excerpt of changes as noted in actual group policy

DOL FAQ’s Implementation

CMS.Gov  Health Reform for Consumers

Aetna Health Reform Weekly

Health Net Pamphlet 22 Pages
Health Net - Health Care Reform

health line

Kaiser Foundation - Summary of Law

The Kaiser Foundation has a new timeline detailing when specific provisions of the health reform law are scheduled to take effect. It reflects the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as modified by the Health Care & Education Reconciliation Act. A separate summary of the law is also available, as is an interactive calculator to illustrate the subsidies in the law and a brief explaining how the new law will close the Medicare drug benefit’s coverage gap. These resources and more are found on the Health Reform Gateway.

Lecture on President Obama’s Plan

LA Times Graphic Summary

Blue Cross/Anthem’s Summary 4/7/2010
Summary for Employers

Summary of Changes (NAHU) but this site took off their logo
Los Angeles Times 4/4/2010

Cleaning up ambiguities – LA Times 4/4/2010

Senate Passes Bill
Key Points of L.A. Times Article 3/22/2010

Health Care Fraud – President Obama’s Plan

Kaiser Permanente’s Summary

Assess employers with 50 or more employees that do not offer coverage and have at least one full-time employee who receives a premium tax credit a fee of $2,000 per full-time employee, excluding the first 30 employees from the assessment.

Employers with 50 or more employees that offer coverage but have at least one full-time employee receiving a premium tax credit, will pay the lesser of $3,000 for each employee receiving a premium credit or $2,000 for each full-time employee, excluding the first 30 employees from the assessment.

Require employers with more than 200 employees to automatically enroll employees into health insurance plans offered by the employer.  Employees may opt out of coverage.

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Health Net Broker Guide to Health Care Reform 1/2011

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