How does Health Reform affect
Individuals & Families?

Summary AHIP Millman Comprehensive Analysis 27 Pages of Health Reform Factors that will affect premiums in 2014 pdf with our comments

Blue Cross Guide Individuals & Families Health Care Reform Rev 12/2011

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Main Health Reform Page  

Small Employer Timeline including  hyperlinks to MORE detail

No Rescission’s Blue Cross FAQ’s

Dependents to Age 26

AB 1461 (Insurance Code 10965.3) Open and Special Enrollment Periods Rates only by Age & Zip Code

Aetna’s Website on Health ReformUniform Summary of Benefits starting 9/23/2012Preventative Services

Health Net

Health Net Pamphlet 22 Pages
Health Net on Health Reform

PPACA More Info

Dependent Definitions

Medical Loss Ratio (MLR)



Constitutionality  Health Reform upheld as a tax, rather than a penalty

EmployER Mandate over 50 lives   

ObamaCare Suvival Guide Review – Washington Post

Free Instant Subsidy, Premium and Benefits Calculator

PPACA Resources

Summary of Benefits – Mandated uniform so that it’s easier to compare plans

Preventative Services – Free – no co-pays

Essential Benefits all Insurance plans must include these 10 benefits

Annual & Lifetime Limits are no longer allowed

Individual Mandate

Technical & Research Resources

ABX1-2 Pan 2013 brings CA Law into compliance with Federal Affordable Care Act

  • Non-Grandfathered Members
    • Members will receive new certificates and new ID cards in the mail beginning mid December.
    • MembersreceivethefollowingPPACA provisions:
      • Expanded Dependent Coverage
      • No Annual Dollar or Lifetime Limits
      • Expanded Preventive Care
      • No Pre-existing Condition Waiting Period for Children under 19
      • New Patient Protections
      • New Limitations on Rescission
  • Grandfathered Members
    • Members will  receive new amendments in the future, but will not receive new ID cards.
    • MembersreceivethefollowingfourPPACA provisions:

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Tips for Better Health - Avoid Medical Procedures


CIGNA and probably the other Companies will follow suit by keeping current plans IN FORCE, so that current clients do NOT have to change anything in 2014 CIGNA 5.9.2013 Bulletin, as the policies won’t be renewing 1399.855  till 12.31.2013.  The only advantage we see at this time would be if qualify for Tax Credits or have a HIPAA or surcharged or limited policy, due to Pre Existing Conditions.

Health Net Brochure, Introduction and Explanation Rev 9.2013