President Obama 12.10.2016 Weekly Address – Sign Up

Sorry, this video disappeard. 1984? Skip to 4:09 10.20.2016 President Obama on ACA Transcript

President Obama’s Main Points of
signing up by Thursday’s Deadline

Why does the President only mention, not Covered CA or going through your own agent at no additional charge?

Good change you will find a Plan that  will cost less than $75/month

Maybe if you earn $17k and barely can afford groceris.  Click here for complementary quote, benefit and subsidy calculation.  Please note the difference between the “real” premium and the net premium after the Advance Premium Tax Credit.

December 15th deadline for 1.1.2017 effective date

Obama Care deadline doesn’t apply to Medi-Cal, Medicaid, Medicare or Employer Coverage

Consumer Protections

Patient Bill of Rights  *  Specimen Policy

Essential Benefits

Preventative Care



No annual or lifetime limits

Rates are the same regardless of sex or gender

Coverage on parents plan to age 26

Medicare Donut Hole Discounts

Guaranteed Issue and no pre-x clause

Since 2010 slowest healthcare premium increases in 50 years

Goal of Health Care Reform to get people better coverage

Ideas on how to approve ACA Affordable Care Act – Obama Care

What are they?


Advancing the Health, Safety, and Well-Being of the Nation | Building Upon the Success of the Affordable Care Act | Delivery System Reform | Keeping People Healthy and Safe

10.20.2016 Remarks by President Obama

Expand Medi-Cal – Medi Caid

More Insurance Companies to compete in the Marketplace – not just a single insurer

Outreach to citizens – get healthier people to enroll

Tax Subsidies offset premium increases

Repeal is not the answer

More tax credits – subsidiy as overall cost to Federal Government is billions less than anticipated

Tweak the law to help those who are not benefiting now

Obama Care doesn’t affect employer coverage

I disagree!!!  Look at all the changes ACA did for Employer Group plans!

Educate the public on Obama Care and then the legislators


Republicans want to undo all of it… if they change someting, will we still have the improvements?

30M Americans could lose their coverage.  4 out of 5 from working families

9m would not get subsidies

Make sure you since up by Thursday, that’s one of the best ways to insure we keep the improvements of ACA

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