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Cochlear Implant
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Cochlear Implants &
Small Group Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance


A cochlear implant is a small electronic device that can help “make” sound if you have severe or total hearing loss. The implant does the job of the damaged or absent nerve cells that in a normal ear make it possible to hear (auditory nerves). Cochlear implants can be programmed according to your specific needs and degree of hearing loss. Web MD

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Will an implant be covered on your Medical Insurance?

Aetna’s Bulletin on Cochlear Implants, includes billing codes.

Pre-Existing Condition Clause

Is the implant Medically Necessary

Did the employee have Credible Coverage within the past 63 days?  If not PPO would have a 6 month Pre-X and HMO would not have a Pre-X waiting period.

Guaranteed Issue for Employer GroupsAB 1672

Rules to get Covered

Consumer Resources

Individual & Family Guaranteed Issue 1.1.2014 – Covered CA


Insurance FAQ’s


What about hearing aids?
Send us a copy of your policy and we will check.

“Inventor?” William F House Obituary LA Times 12.13.2012

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