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You could get HIPAA, if the prior plan is Grandfathered…. leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/

11.14.2013 Video –  President Obama announces that Insurance Companies can keep you enrolled for an additional year.  Are we in 1984?  Why is the above video now PRIVATE?   Here’s information from the online print press.


Covered CA won’t do it, but extends dealine to 12.23.2013. It’s up toCoveredCAtodeceide for CA  Modern Health Care 11.21.2013

Latest Major Action: 11/15/2013 House floor actions. Status: Mr. Andrews moved to recommit with instructions to Energy and Commerce.
Latest Action: 11/15/2013 DEBATE – The House proceeded with 10 minutes of debate on the Andrews motion to recommit with instructions, pending the reservation of a point of order. The instructions contained in the motion seek to require the bill to be reported back to the House with an amendment to give insurance companies the option to continue offering non-Affordable Care Act compliant plans through 2014 to current enrollees only, as long as those plans were in effect as of October 1, 2013. The motion also requires insurance companies to notify consumers of the differences between these extended plans and the options, credits, and subsidies available through the Affordable Care Acts exchanges, as well as instructions on how to receive them. Thomas.Gov Legislative Digest Congress.Gov

Covered CA Contract – Requires Cancellation Page 14 Section e

NPR written updates – transcript

Keep your Health Plan Act HR 3350 Fred Upton (Wikipedia) Thomas.Gov    GovTrack.US MSNBC

Why is your policy being cancelled and you must roll over to an ACA compliant plan?

Did President Obama have his fingers crossed behind his back, holding these rules when he said, If you like your plan you can keep it?


How would I know if my plan is grandfathered?

The simple answer is has it been in force since March 2010 without any significant changes which can be verified by  ask the insurance agent of your employer or  their HR department