1.   When can I get coverage, regardless of any Pre-Existing Conditions?
  2.   Do I have to pay you a fee to help me with my coverage?
  3.  Will premiums be lower under Health Care Reform?
  4.    How do I know how much of a tax credit or subsidy I will get?
  5.    Tell me more about how I use the credit to pay for my coverage?
  6.    Is there a simple 10 minute video I can watch to have Health Care Reform explained to me?
  7.   Does Covered CA have a list of FAQ’s?
    Covered CA Draft Application



  1.  The Pre-Exisiting conditions are no longer an issue on 1.1.2014.  Signups, brochures & rates will be available 10.1.2013
  2. Agent Webinar Slides
  3.  No, all rates and benefits are the same, as filed with the Department of Insurance  or Managed Care.  We are compensated for our time and expertise by Covered CA or the Insurance Companies.
  4.  I really don’t know.  There are arguments going both ways.  We will know on 10.1.2013.  Here’s the “summary” brochure from Covered CA showing that rates are less.  View the Covered CA page for HHS Report that prices will be lower.   The proof in the pudding will be in a few years, when we have the claims experience and see if Preventative Care and Case Management truly keep the costs down.
  5. See our page on increasing medical costs – (we started this page, way before Health Care Reform – HCR)
  6. UHC Health Reform Website


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