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Insurance – Bad Faith

Michael Bidart

Condo Law
Condo Law

Criminal Law
Criminal Law

Joe Medina, Esq.

Marc Legget, Esq.

David Haas, Esq.

Shouse I don’t know them, but their website is 2nd to none

Azar Elihu, Esq.

Los Angeles County Bar Referrals Criminal-Felony

Nolo’s Lawyer Directory: Find a Criminal Defense Lawyer

E-Commerce, Intellectual Property, Copy write  Civil  Insurance Litigation
Copyright Laws

Gauntlett & Assoc.

Marv Schlackman, Esq. is an excellent attorney.  I use to share office space with him. He can also answer questions via email

Gallegos Law

Marc Legget, Esq. Personal Injury both  -plaintiff and defendant, usually for companies that are self insured, business litigation matters of many types, appeals and also some probate litigation

Baute I saw one of their Attorney’s Gerry Fox, in action in the Courtroom and he is even better that the best Attorney’s on Law & Order in Oral Argument!

Estate Planning  & Conservatorships
Estate Planning

Philip J. Hoskins, Esq. 

Byron Lane,Esq.

Anthony Vulin, Esq.  (310) 548-0746 

Mark Miller, Esq. Torrance, CA

LA County Bar Estate, Trust and Estate Tax Planning

Philip McCarthy, Esq.

Dennis Sandoval, Esq.

special needs National Referral’s

Family Law,
Family Law

Joe Medina, Esq.


LA County Bar Dissolution-Family Law

Military Law


Attorney Services – Process Server’s

Dale Dombrowski
Licensed & Registered Process Server # 3738, Skip Tracing
(562) 310-6346
Long Beach, CA

Los Angeles Attorney

certified mobile

Referral Services

California State Bar Attorney Referral Service 

Legal Match actually saves you time in the end. The alternative to Legal Match is calling each lawyer individually and scheduling 30-minute consultations, which may not happen for several days in the future. You may also have to speak with 5-10 different lawyers before you not only find someone who has the experience to handle your case, but is also willing to take your matter at the dollar rate you require. Plus, we provide more background information about the lawyers then you could ever get from a consultation.

law similar to Legal Match above

Nolo’s Legal Referral Service

Los Angeles County Bar Association – Lawyer Referral

Worker’s Compensation

Cantrell, Green, Pekich, Cruz, & McCort – who represents the worker.

Wai & Connor Worker’s Comp. Defense (For Employer’s or Insurance Companies) Attorney’s


 1 800 jones

What to bring and discuss

Wrongful Termination-Labor and Employment Law



Criminal Law


Estate Planning